Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards Test WikiEdit

Welcome to the LMB Test Wiki! This is a secret wiki where the administrators and developers test new features or looks for the LMB Wiki. If you've found this site, then feel free to look around, and check out what may be the future of the LMB Wiki, but please don't mention the site to any other user on the internet! It's more fun if everyone doesn't know about it, and if only a couple users who discovered it themselves are able to watch. Have fun!

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The LEGO Message Boards Wiki
A wiki about the LEGO Message Boards! | 9 articles since August 2009. | Sign up so you can help us out and edit!

Welcome to the LEGO Message Boards Wiki!

The LEGO Message Boards Wiki is all about the LEGO Message Boards, or LMBs - a forum located on, where every post is moderated by a moderator before it is made public, to be seen by everyone.

Before editing this wiki, please read the Policy page, and follow all that it says. Content on this wiki should be suitable for all ages. If you need help with anything at all, then please leave a message on an Staff Member's Wall.

There is also a chat feature on this wiki, but we recommend that you read the chat policy before chatting.

If you are new to the Message Boards and want learn more about it, then check out these articles!

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Featured User

Template:Profile Legoindyfan1234 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 3, 2009. He currently has the rank Ninja, over 5,593 posts, and over 3,579 likes received. He posts in several forums, inclu... Read More

Featured Topic

Template:Topic WELCOME TO BRICKBOOK! is a topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by Dwarfminefan580 on September 26, 2012. It currently has over 27,932 pages and 649 likes on the first post. It is the second largest and second most liked topic on the LEGO Message Boards.

The idea of the topic is for users to post profiles, friends lists... Read More

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